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What is the BIGGEST lie in Podcasting?

The Biggest Lie in Podcasting

The biggest lie in podcasting is that it is easy. Anybody can podcast. All it technically takes is the ability to speak into a microphone and upload a file after your finished recording. It can be as simple as that. Sure you need to know how to use a computer a little bit. You need […]

What is Podfading?

What is Podfading? | Definition of Podfade

What does it mean to Podfade? The Definition of the term: Podfade If you’ve been listening to podcasts for a while ( especially podcasts on podcasting) then you’ve already heard this term. But what does podfading mean? To podfade generally means that you stop your podcast all of a sudden and without notice. It doesn’t […]

Podcast personality types

Why are you podcasting?

There are many reasons why people start podcasting. Some people podcast as a hobby and others are podcasting professionally. Some people do it for the money but the vast majority do it out of passion for their niche topic. Instead of listing all the specific reasons why a podcaster becomes a podcaster I’m going to […]


Your Podcast is now a Podcast on Facebook too!

Your podcast doesn’t have to hide behind some other label on facebook anymore! Are you a podcaster with a Radio Station facebook page? Or does your podcast page on facebook have the community label? I’ve seen a lot of podcasters use Website as the facebook page category.   Whichever facebook page category you are currently […]