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Teleprompter for podcasting

Podcasting with a Teleprompter

There are a number of podcasting tools and resources that can help you to produce a great show. When I think of podcasting tools I immediately think of audio cart programs, id3 tag software, skype or google hangouts, Auphonic or The Levelator. There are many other podcasting tools but I didn’t give a teleprompter much […]

Podcast terminology. What is NOT a Podcast?

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting has come a long way in the last few years. It wasn’t that long ago that I had to explain what podcasting is when I talked about my show(s). These days the average person has at least heard of podcasting and understands the concept. But there is still a lot of confusion and misconceptions about podcasting. Definition […]

Is podcast media hosting necessary?

What is Media Hosting? And do I need it?

What is media hosting? There are two different types of hosting that you need to know about as a podcaster.   Web Hosting is the hosting account where your website and all files associated with your site are stored. Media Hosting is the hosting account that stores and delivers your audio and video files to […]

RSS Feeds explained

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed is what makes podcasting possible. A Podcast is episodic media published in a series and delivered via an RSS Feed. An RSS Feed stands for Rich Site Summary but many people refer to
RSS as Really Simple Syndication.

RSS Feeds make it possible to publish your content and have it sent to your fans and followers automatically. The power of syndicated content.

How to add the Trademark Symbol in WordPress?

Do you have a blog or podcast that you want to trademark but aren’t ready to officially register it? The best legal protection for your intellectual property is a registered trademark but you can start off by adding the unregistered trademark or service mark symbol to your website or brand name. How do you add the trademark symbol in Wordpress? It is easy with just a little piece of code..

Use Podcasting to build a Knowledge Base for your business

Thinking of starting a podcast for your local business but you not sure of the benefits? Well, one of the reasons to start a podcast is that you can create a knowledge base with your brand at the center of it all. A content library that answers all the questions about your product or service.. and moves your clients further down your marketing funnel.