Best Podcast Microphone

Audio Technica ATR2100 – USB Podcasting Microphone

Is this Mic the new Podcasting Standard Microphone? The Audio Technica ATR2100-USB is not the best quality microphone on the market. But is is arguably the best value for the dollar. The pound for pound champion of podcast microphones!

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Headphone Amplifier for podcasters

Headphone Amplifier for Podcasters |ART HeadAmp4 Four Channel

If you have one or more co-hosts or have in studio guests then you may be interested in adding a headphone amplifier into your podcasting studio. A headphone amplifier will allow you to have multiple headphones, each with individual volume control. There are many options available from simple audio split cables to more elaborate equipment like this one……

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070 | The Bunker Project – Standard Action

[podlove title=”070 | The Bunker Project – Standard Action” src=”″ ]This week we have the folks from the Standard Action web series in the house. We talk about the equipment required to produce a quality web series. 2012 may be a great year for web series producers as companies such as Netflix are starting to…

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Business Book Summaries – 004 – E Myth Mastery, by Michael Gerber.

[podlove title=”Business Book Summaries – 004 – E Myth Mastery, by Michael Gerber.” src=”″ ]This weeks book: E Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber Every week Bob Garlick talks with an entrepreneur about a business book that has helped them take their business life to the next level. This week on Business Book Reviews, Bob talks…

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Business Book Summaries – 003 – Fired Up For Life

Bob talks with Greg Gerrie, the author of “Fired Up For Life” about books, motivation and the power of words.

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Build first… sell later… but do it right!

I recently read a blog post that outlined a niche marketing strategy that goes something like this:

1. Build a loyal community.
2. Then >> Sell them stuff.

I am looking into this strategy and give my opinion on the right and wrong way to implement it.

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Does Podcasting and Alcohol Mix?

Don’t drink and drive… what about drinking and podcasting? Some podcasters drink alcohol while recording their shows… Is this a good idea? What happens at The Bunker Project doesn’t stay at The Bunker Project… unless we edit it out in post production that is! [quote]Let’s talk Social Media, Podcasting, Technology and New Media in bar…

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Podcasting 101 – part 2 – It doesn’t matter what you say!

No matter what you topic you are covering in your podcast, what you say is not the only thing you need to focus on. What you say in your podcast is very important and how you say it is equally important. If you have passion for what you are talking about this will come through naturally. We will be able to hear the energy and enthusiasm in your voice! But for some of us (me included), we have to work a little bit on HOW we speak in order to keep our listeners interested in the show.

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Health Freedom Podcast

017 | Health Empowerment News – Snake Oil Dietary Supplement Chart

This week, Croft and Andrew review a Dietary Supplement Chart, which was designed to demonstrate the efficacy and popularity of common dietary supplements. Listen to the show to find out what Croft thinks of their conclusions…

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