A Bitcoin Affiliate Program for Podcasters

Bitcoin Affilate Program


Disclosure: I registered ( free of charge ) as an affiliate of this Bitcoin Affiliate Program. If you sign up using my link I may be compensated financially.


There are a lot of ways to monetize your podcast.

In fact, there are over 50 ways that you can monetize your show.

The best affiliate programs for a podcast audience are highly relevant.

Some companies are offering general brand advertising but I believe the real power of podcasting is putting a niche product in front of a highly targetted audience.

If your podcast is related to investing, business or marketing then this Bitcoin Affiliate opportunity may be a good fit.

Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency is a hot topic right now. “Bitcoin” just surpassed “Trump” as most used search term.

You could argue that Bitcoin is about to become a mainstream payment system and store of value.

So maybe any podcast could promote this Bitcoin affiliate program?

But I’ll leave that up to you as the host of your own show.


The USI-TECH Bitcoin affiliate opportunity

This program is unique in that they are using arbitrage to maximize the value of your Bitcoin investment.

They pay affiliates an ongoing 10% commission of the “bitcoin contract” value that a user adds to their account.

All users receive payments in Bitcoin equal to 1% of the contract value they hold in their account.

If you sign up as an affiliate (free)  you will get a unique URL to send your listeners to.

For successful affiliates, there is more to the compensation plan.

But for me the single level ongoing commission is great.

You can sign up as a consumer or affiliate for free.

Sign up here: https://podcasthero.usitech-int.com/


The key to this program is that the commission is ongoing!

I remember getting excited about the Coinbase Referral program which is a one time $10 commission.

The USI-Tech commission is ongoing and there is no limit to the number people you can refer.

For more information about this opportunity click here.

Or if you want to chat you can book a call with me.



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Andrew McGivern

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