CASEMATIX Waterproof Padded Case Perfectly Fits Elgato Stream Deck and USB Computer Cable – DOES NOT FIT STREAM DECK ADJUSTABLE STAND

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CASEMATIX Waterproof Impact Resistant Carry Case For Elgato Stream Deck – INCLUDES CASE ONLY , DOES NOT FIT ELGATO ACCESSORIES
This hard shell case’s exterior is made of a dense injection ABS composite plastic for superior external protection against blunt forces, drops, dings and other unforeseen mishaps that can damage your Elgato Stream Deck Content Creation Controller. Interior protection consists of an airtight rubberized lining and impact resistant padded foam . With the combination of a highly durable exterior and dense foam interior, you can be sure your Elgato Stream Deck Like Content Creation Controller has reliable storage and protection. The closure system consists of a metal-hinged latch that snaps down securely. Additionally, the rubber internal lining creates an airtight seal that protects your electronic device against water splashes, spills and moisture.

Safely Transport and Bring Your Elgato Streamdeck Anywhere
This hard shell case fits ONE Elgato Stream Deck and is great for packing inside of backpacks, tool bags, purses and in other small storage areas. Measuring 6.5″ x 5.0″ x 2.0″ in exterior dimensions, and internally fitting Cameras with maximum dimensions of 6.2″ x 3.2″ x 1.25″. This case is perfect for on-the-go traveling or storage in small spaces.

Waterproof , Airtight , Impact Resistant To Keep Your Elgato Stream Safe At All Times
The inside of this case has a dense foam lid and rubber bottom to absorb impacts from drops and impacts. On top of the rubber bottom is a flat foam layer that can be added or removed so the foam lid holds your device . This prevents movement within the case and reduces vibration that can damage internal components.



  • CASEMATIX Protective Case fits one Elgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller with USB Computer Cable – Does Not Fit Elgato accessories such as adjustable stand
  • Rugged Waterproof Rubber Liner Creates an Airtight Seal to Repel Water , Spills , Moisture , Dust and Protect Your Elgato Stream Deck Until Ready to Use
  • Interior has a convoluted foam top and foam bottom to absorb impact and shock from bumps and drops – Bottom layer has one foam layer to keep your Elgato Creation Controller from moving during travel
  • CASEMATIX Elgato Stream Deck Case has a hard plastic exterior to prevent your Elgato Stream from being crushed or damaged
  • Case Measures 6.5″ x 5.0″ x 2.0″ so You Can Conveniently and Safely Transport Your Elgato Stream Device In Your Backpack , Suitcase or Purse

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